Lauren Holly

Lauren Holly was born in Bristol, Pennsylvania the 28th of October in 1963. She spent her childhood in the New York town of Geneva, due to the sophisticated lives of her two parents that were college professors, she wasn’t all a rural girl even though she lived in a rural town, but more of a semi-sophisticated girl thanks to the way her parents were.

She learned to be an actress thanks to her great-grandmother who started a tradition in the family to act and sing on the theaters of Liverpool, London, and Manchester. However, before becoming an actress she spent most of her time traveling throughout Europe, learning different languages and eventually studying at the Sarah Siddons School. But then she ended up in the Sarah Lawrence College in New York where she graduated as an English Major.

Baby Steps – Lauren Holly

She firstly appeared in a motion picture due to her famous role as “Mary Swanson” who captivated most of the audience due to the heartwarming role she depicted in the movie “Dumb & Dumber” with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. Later on, she starred in “No Looking Back” as a woman who had to pass through a hard time when an ex-boyfriend wants to reappear in her life and she’s living in hell times. However, she could get some other pretty good roles in movies like Oliver Stone’s “Any Given Sunday” where Al Pacino, Cameron Diaz, and Jamie Foxx also happened to be in. Then she appeared on “Sabrina” from Sydney Pollack alongside Harrison Ford and other great movies like “Turbulence” with Ray Liotta, “The Last Producer” with Kurt Reynolds directing and leading, plus many other movies which have earned Lauren Holly a pretty good Hollywood role, making her one of the best actresses.

Unnoticed Big Projects – Lauren Holly

Even though  she’s mainly known for movies on the big screen, she has also starred in pretty big movies for television, just like “King of Texas” for TNT, “King Lear” alongside Patrick Stewart and Maria Garcia Harden plus the miniseries “Jackie, Ethel, Joan: Women of Camelot” with Jill Hennessy and Leslie Stefanson. This has made Lauren Holly a pretty good actress who has achieved more than many others, making her an attractive actress that can do pretty much anything as an actor and work with any kind of people.

Multi Role Abilities of Holly

But this all doesn’t end here, she has also acted in many independent films giving her image in order to get more recognition and improving the quality. These films are totally different from each other, with different roles that she could manage and delivered great performances. Like the thriller “Fatwa”, where she acted and produced. The comedy-drama from Pete SchwabaGodfather of Green Bay”, where she acted as an old high school English professor that made her more recognized. She also acted in movies like “The Chumscrubbler”, “Pleasure Drivers”, “Caught in the Act” and “Chasing 3000”, all showing the versatility and talent of Holly as a wonderful actress.

And if you want to see what she’s up to lately, she’s going to be in the movie “The Juggler” from Peter Foldy, but she most recently acted in movies like “You’re So Cupid” with Brian Kause and Jeremy Sumpter. However, other recent and highly recommended movies from her are “Colored Eggs” with Faye Dunaway, “Raising Flagg” alongside Alan Arkin, the HBO Thriller from Darrell RoodtPavement” with Robert Patrick and “What Women Want” alongside Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt who earned her much more recognition.

Lauren Holly in What Women Want

And this is not all, she has also played many other characters in movies, like the character in the movie “Spirited Away” where she was the voice of Chihiro’s Mother. Then, she acted a leading role in the movie from Spike LeePerfect Age of Rock and Roll”. As she has been greatly appreciated in Hollywood, she has been working on several other things, like TV series, which the most recent was “Motives” on the character of Dr. Betty Rogers, that ended last year in 2016, also, she’s been a great part in “NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service” as Jenny Shepard and “Alphas” where she played Senator Charles Burton.

Present Life

She now lives with her sons Alexander, Henry, and George in Toronto, Canada, but as we’ve said it before ,she still makes a pretty good actress to lead and starred in many movies due to her great talent and disposition, plus a versatility that not many actresses can offer today.