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Pete Schwaba was born at St. Joseph’s Hospital. He grew at in Portage Park and moved to Wisconsin when he was already a junior high-school student. That’s where his first movie “The Godfather of Green Bay” was based on and where he happened to live most of his teenage and college years, so it is not a mystery why he likes that part of the country so bad.

Then, before finishing college he went to Chicago again and graduated from the DePaul college, after that, he lived there until his late twenties and eventually moved to L.A in his first thirties. That’s where he started his career as a director and an actor. Living in L.A for more than twenty years have given Pete another view about movies, especially because he’s lived there enough to become a director.

Indie Filmmaker With Comedian Roots

Even though he’s more inclined towards movies, he was actually a comic, a stand-up comedian from Wisconsin who tried hard to be recognized. However, he started in DePaul, Chicago in his twenties. He actually started in a contest at his college and won the big prize as a comedian, so, he started to see it as a way of life because he liked it enough.

Now, he has even directed and acted his own semi-biographical movie that compliments his own life a lot. He wrote that movie called “The Godfather of Green Bay” in the first months of 2003, to eventually make it real a year later and going out in cinemas in 2005.

The movie, as his life goes, is all about a comic from L.A who’s trying to make his life have a sense of purpose with that field of work, comedy. He goes to the roadside bars of Wisconsin to perform in order to get famous and recognized, but everything is not as easy as he thinks. He has said that his life was pretty much as it was in the movie, going from hotel, motels and checking rooms to other motels and hotels or checking rooms looking for great bars to perform and make people laugh, but it wasn’t easy.

So, he was eventually drawn to that feeling on the road, of what he experienced in his early years as a comedian and what made him write that movie. He wrote about what he knew the most – being a comedian and living on the road, not as a homeless man, but more as a guy in search of popularity and a way of living.

Preparing The Godfather of Green Bay Movie

He actually started this script when he was in Chicago still, along with a friend of his Noah Garber. the godfather of green bay posterThey both had the script already finished, but neither of these two men happened to know what to do with it. Actually, not knowing what to do with a script taught him to become a better writer, as now he needed someone to read it and make it happen.

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However, it wasn’t the first time he chose to write something. As he already had some good script sold to Warner Bros and MGM. The first one, sold to MGM was called “A Guy Thing”, a movie he wrote in 2002 and was directed by Chris Koch to be released in 2003. This movie was greatly known as a good comedy around the world, making him a little more recognized among the comedy field.

Pete Schwaba Breakthrough in Hollywood

After that, he wrote “Dream Girl” in 2003 and sold it to Warner Brothers. This movie was totally under the radar, but still made a good point about how decided he was about writing his own movie. Then, one year later he finished writing his own movie about himself “The Godfather of Green Bay” who has become his first directed and acted movie from his career, and now, the movie by which he’s most recognized by.

This was a movie he really wanted to write and make happen. Something he did eventually. However, it wasn’t his last movie, as he later wrote and directed another movie, but this one didn’t get as much praise as The Godfather of Green Bay.

This movie, called “The Disco Principal” released in 2009, didn’t even get into cinemas of the US. Only about two or three on L.A could air this movie. However, it didn’t mean it was bad, it just didn’t have the necessary commercial value it should.

Moreover, Pete could later become one great script writer and a good director. He’s been called one of the funniest comedians who has entrepreneurs into the world of cinema with comedies which have traveled around the world.

To make all this happen, he just needed people to fund his projects. And as he’s said before, the only people who could fund h is projects, were people as crazy as him. He made all these possible thanks to his family, friends, and co-workers. People who he had known his whole life helped him achieved what he always wanted – his own movie about his own life.

Comedian To The Bone

Moreover, he’s also been writing more comedies now. He’s been talking about some great college comedies about, also, his own life, things that he could relate too. He’s said that he wants to make movies about his life at DePaul, movie that could depict what he felt and did while he was there, and how he began as a comedian.

However, to make all this happen he will need more and more people than before. He’s said that he’s waiting for the right talent to come and help him make all this happen. He needs great actors, cameramen, producers and much more.

Even though he’s just an independent director and actor, he’s been praised for being one intelligent and funny comedian, something that not many people have been able to achieve. Schwaba has managed to live in three different cities in the US, but his movies have developed a much larger tourist VISA.