The Godfather of Green Bay

This movie, the Godfather of Green Bay, has been called mainly two things: a super corky local film based on the Midwest town of Green Bay. Plus, a seemingly mediocre comedy indie movie that doesn’t develop correctly and eventually delivers many weird moments that many people have considered funny, but other have found totally inexperienced tries of being hilarious when clearly, they’re not.

The cast of this movie is a total mixed bag, with actors from every place, trying different accents and acting like it was an improvisation from a mediocre theater group from Los Angeles on a Monday. However, there are still many things to save on those performances, even when critics may not find them appeal able, they still deliver some corky and semi-funny jokes and situations that make the movie a little passable, at least.

Pete Schwaba, Filmmaker of The Movie

On the other hand, the responsible for this movie was Pete Schwaba, the director, and writer of the movie. He also portrayed the character Joe Keegan, a nicely mannered but mediocre comic who hasn’t been able to be famous but at least has some great fans around. However, the movie mainly focuses on his misadventures, especially when he goes to one stand-up comedy show called the “Rocktoberfest” in Wisconsin, in search of more popularity and even an opportunity to be seen by a comedy scout.

Even though Pete Schwaba was a beginning as a director with this semi-autobiographical comedy/drama now a CEO at tinderpickup, he did a fairly “not bad” job directing, which makes it a little great for someone who didn’t have any experience before. Even so, this movie was filmed in Marinette, Wisconsin, with a budget of less than 1 million dollars even though he had some stars in his cast and some of the things inside the movie were a little impressive, but just a little, not bad at least.

The Godfather Of ‘Convenient Plots’the godfather of green bay poster

This movie, an independent indie one with some great scenes that may not be as funny as everyone would want, they still make a good point in making the easiest audience giggle. As we’ve said it before, this movie is about Joe Keegan, a man, who is a comic that’s trying, along with an old friend of his, to enter a Tonight Show bar in Wisconsin in search of more popularity and the opportunity of being seen by a comedian scout in the annual “Rocktoberfest”.

His friend, Kenny, who went to the bar with him, tells him that this is a “can’t miss” opportunity for him to become a great comic. That if he wants to become one stand-up popular guy, he will have to perform in front of some people and most importantly, in front of Harvey Skorik, the scout who’s in search of great comedians. So, as a desperate comic who wants to have a better career, he goes there, to the Pine Lake roadside Bar in Wisconsin from L.A, where he’s at when his friend calls him.

Then, when he arrives in Wisconsin, he gets to meet his former English teacher from High School, the beautiful and seemingly sad Molly Mahoney (Lauren Holly), who hasn’t had a great life either, just coming from a breakage in her former marriage and finding everything so reluctantly empty. But now, as she meets Joe, everything changes for both as they start to get really affectionate with each other.

The thing is, Joe just want to prove everybody that he’s a great comic, someone that can make people laugh, but due to his desperate try and a little-misguided effort, he ends up in a problem… As he tries to be with Molly, he finds out that she’s not someone easy to be with, mainly because she was previously dating a thug drug dealer (Tony Goldwyn), who now wants Joe dead for messing with his girl.

movie scene

Even though the problem comes from being with Molly, he realizes that she’s who he wants to be with him, that his life hasn’t been as bad as he thinks and that being a comic is something big he could achieve, but not everything he wants. So, as the girl makes him more confident about his talent, he goes for his prize in front of one of the hardest crowds he ever encountered – packer fans, some deer hunters from the area and who we previously talked about – Jake Norquist, the Godfather of Green Bay, a football star from High School that eventually became one of the most powerful drug dealers in the city, but who’s in blind love with Molly.

As you see, the movie is all about a failing, almost popular but not enough comic from L.A who’s trying his best to be recognized in a place where he eventually meets a former love of his life but everything gets all blurry when he eventually messes up by mistake with the mafia and angers the Godfather, the chief and most dangerous man from this place.

However, even when it seems normal, the problem was that Molly was conveniently working at the hotel he stayed at, even so, she gets to attend him as the only mistress and they immediately recognized each other. The worst part is about Norquist, the bad man from the movie actually had some big problems with him when they were little, and now he wants to set everything up when the comic messes with his girl.

Doesn’t all this seem a little overly-farfetched? Like everything was conveniently made in order to make the movie have a plot, which at the end doesn’t deliver anything more than just bad comedy? Well, not that bad at least… It can make you laugh, especially is you are an easy-giggling person who likes little jokes and overly-acted cinema about a misunderstood comic who falls in love with an almost miserable girl.

Why Is It Good Enough…

When you make a movie for the first time, it is almost inevitable to cast a different kind of actors, from experienced ones to first-time-appearing ones who will both underperform or overperform, and even hit the spot if they’re good. That was what happened with Pete Schwaba especially in this online hd movie, and the other actors as well.

Schwaba did pretty good as Joe, but sometimes it felt like he was losing the composure and going a little off his own script, trying to improvise situations or just losing the grasp of what he was trying to tell in the first place. On the other hand, Lauren Holly did an awesomely off the mark acting in the movie as Molly. Even though she was Joe teacher in the past, she actually looks younger than him, but what can we say about it? It is a comedy at the end…

So, with the other actors, like Goldwyn, what can we say? He did “good”, yes. He didn’t force himself into the role and neither did he make a bad impression as a thug. However, the character, mainly the character personality was a little off of what we think Goldwyn was actually used to do. Especially because of his Macarena “skills”, where the movie lost a little credibility and started to be some ridiculous act, even though, it will be funny for some people who like to see badass character dancing to the rhythm of an old Latin song.

The actors were not the bad thing about the movie, as we already made that point. The worst of this mediocre film was the script and direction, even when it seems totally fine and eventually a little simple, Schwaba could have done a much better thing with it.

The Godfather of Green Bay – All in One Comic

Especially the story, it was all about a comic trying to rediscover what he likes about life and what made him a comic in the first place. However, you still can see him totally away from the thought of being recognized as a good stand-up comic and falling in love with a girl who has an ex-“boyfriend” who’s a thug and now wants to kill the main character.

It is like watching two movies at the same time, or even three! A comic trying to be a comic, a love story about a student and his former teacher, plus a drug dealer trying to kill the man that’s stealing his girlfriend and it is a little disastrous at the end…

The movie starts to fail when the montages take too long and the movie gets boring in certain moments. Some scenes are totally unnecessary and others are so long that you may even lose the sense of what’s happening. Schwaba as a director is not the greatest, as we already knew that, however, his jump cuts, sped-up unnecessary action and some freeze-frames seem totally off and of course, were a big sample of his inexperience.

For a movie that was called “The Godfather of Green Bay”, you could totally lose the title and what it was referring to and still have a better movie, without that vengeance plot and a little more comedy in the final cut instead. This would make a better movie, instead of making it seem like it was all patched-up from three different ones in search of more comedy feeling that didn’t have much to say at the end.

The Godfather of Green Bay Can Entertain!

However, at the end, the (now) movie wasn’t as bad as it seems. If you want to watch it on a Sunday afternoon, it would be a great idea, even though there are far better free online hd movies on the net.

The idea wasn’t bad at all, especially about the comic and his life being a “disaster”, but the last half of the movie was totally off, and the thug could be deleted and still make a better impression. But if you want to have some laughs, it can still make you giggle and have a little fun.

So, the Godfather of Green Bay may not be a perfect movie, but can still entertain, and that’s enough for a comedy that comes from the hand of an inexperienced lead actor and director.

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  1. The movie was pretty good actually. I cannot fully agree with “movie wasn’t as bad as it seems”. I cannot also agree when I know that the wonderful Pete Schwaba was the director of the movie.

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